Mills and Mill Liners

Ball Mills or Rod Mills

Crushers & Equipment International Limited can supply new Ball Mills or Rod Mills to specific request. From 4’ (1 metre) diameter to 18’ (5.5 metre) diameter. These can be overflow or grate discharge, supplied with the following liners:

  • Manganese Steel
  • Hi Chrome Iron
  • Rubber
  • Chrome Moly


We supply over 2000 tonnes of various mill liners into the market. Materials as specified above can be used in Ball, Rod, Sag and FAG mills.
The mills are Allis Chalmer type, steel heads and usually supplied with white metal bearings, however roller bearings are available on request.
Larger mills can be supplied with gear boxes, or direct synchronous motor drive, and variable speed can be an option.

Ball Mill or Rod Mill Spares

We can supply liners from existing drawings and designs or as per request can design new liners to optimise wear life and improve grind. We also assist the mine in planning replacement sets, to ensure stock is always on hand.

As the saying goes “ If the mills don’t turn, we don’t earn”, is of major importance to our company and our clients.

A lot of mining operations do not place a lot of interest in mill linings as they have used a product for years, have a historical life, and assume that is the best they can get. However we can do design changes to the liners (at no extra cost) that can change the grind in the mill, increase throughput, and reduce wear points on the shell and ends. In some instances we have achieved more than double the life of mill liners by altering the design, or material used.

We also supply trunnion liners, bolts, girth gears and pinions, and many other spares that are required for milling. These can be supplied per drawing, and if no drawings are available, we have qualified staff that can travel to site to measure up, produce working drawings and supply.

Rubber Lined Mill Scoops 4x4 Ball Mill
Rubber Lined Mill Scoops 4×4 Ball Mill
Chrome Moly Mill Grates 6'x9' Ball Mills
Chrome Moly Mill Grates 6’x9′ Ball Mills