Cone Crusher Spares

We understand the costs of running crushing plant and our continued research and development has proven that it is possible to improve our products to save you time and money. Our stock is always ready for your requests and our dedicated team can be reached any time to help keep your plant running during those unpredictable break downs.

Crushers & Equipment International Limited offers a wide range of liners and spares for most common cone crushers as well as an engineering service to design and supply liners or spares for your specific crusher needs.

Our manganese liners have consistently proven their reliability and strength in some of the most hostile environments. Our engineers are always working to improve liner life and it is this hard work that has brought so many success stories to our customers helping to achieve throughput and crushing ratios while saving on down-time and liner changes.

Some of our Cone Crusher Spares range include:

  • Bowl Liners and Bolts
  • Mantles
  • Mainshaft Nuts and Caps and Feed Plates
  • Backing Compound/Crushback
  • Inner Eccentric Bushes
  • Outer Eccentric Bushes
  • Bearings and Socket Liners
  • Piston Rings and Dust Seals
  • Counter Shafts including bearings and
  • Support Bowls
  • Eccentrics
  • Head and Shaft Assemblies
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Lubrication Pumps


Bowl Liners and Mantles in stock Another Delivery of Manganese
Bowl Liners and Mantles in stock Another Delivery of Manganese
Bronze Brushes in stock
Bronze Brushes in stock